The London Toastmaster - Master of Ceremonies
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The London Toastmaster John Hollingsworth

Your Banquet, Wedding, Conference or Function of any description will be enhanced by the presence of a Toastmaster / Master of Ceremonies from a properly recognised organisation.

John has been a President of the Society of London Toastmasters on two occasions, this is a rare honour.
For ten years toastmaster John also served as the Honorary Secretary to the Society, the first organisation for Toastmasters formed in the U.K.

Members can be seen at all the Major Functions at leading West End Hotels and at The Guildhall, Mansion House and Livery Halls in the City of London. He thus brings a wealth of experience to his task of running your event smoothly.
John is available for functions in the UK or anywhere in the World!
Your Toastmaster - Master of Ceremonies for the Day

The origins of proposing a ‘toast’ at celebrations dates back to the 17th. Century, when the ‘toasting’ of friends and important guests at banquets had become very popular and it was customary to drop pieces of spiced toast into the wine to improve the flavour. The tradition of the Toastmaster, also known as a Master of Ceremonies or Guardian of Etiquette has been a fixture at Royal and social events for centuries. The art of ‘Toastmastering’ can be traced as far back as Hebrew times and to the practices of the Greeks and Romans offering Toasts their many Gods and Heroes.

A Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies brings a touch of class and dignity to any event. They are highly skilled in all the many and varied disciplines required for event management at both formal and informal functions such as Receptions, Cocktail Parties, Weddings, Dinner Dances, Charity Balls and Opening Ceremonies.

John is particularly adept at organising and running a ‘City Feast’. This takes the form of a Banquet in a City Livery Hall, with scroll menus, Loving Cups and Snuff Horns being passed. U.S. incentive groups are particularly fond of this form of entertainment with two of their number chosen as ‘Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress’.

John Hollingsworth can be seen at all the major Functions at leading West End Hotels and at The Guildhall, Mansion House and Livery Halls in the City of London.

John Hollingsworth works regularly for various Chartered Institutes, Royal Colleges, Professional Societies and other bodies, both home and abroad, such as Chambers of Commerce, major firms and three major supermarket chains. Over the years, John has officiated as toastmaster / master of ceremonies at innumerable Christian/Jewish/Turkish/Greek/Indian Weddings and Charity Functions as well as a number of unusual functions.

John Hollingsworth would be pleased to assist you with planning your function and booking venues, bands, entertainers etc. For further information on services please ring, Email or Fax

The London Toastmaster - Master of Ceremonies - Toastmaster John Hollingsworth

John Hollingsworth
148 Park Crescent
Erith , Kent