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Toastmasters Events - Toastmaster John at Celebrity Events

John is available for functions in the UK or anywhere in the World!
Your Toastmaster - Master of Ceremonies for the Day
As an distinguished & experienced Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies - John Hollingsworth has officiated at many functions and special events and has of course worked in the presence of many celebrities at various events. Here are just a selection of his most favourite events where he has performed toastmaster duties. The services of a professional Toastmaster greatly enhance any special occasions or events. As a distinguished and experienced Professional Toastmaster John is able to advise and assist you.

The toastmaster is typically charged with organisation of the event, arranging the order of speakers, introducing one or more of the speakers, and keeping the event on schedule.

The photograph to the right shows a special occasion where John even took on the part of The Ships' Captain

Toastmaster John with Caprice
at a Charity Dinner in London
Toastmaster John Costumed as
a Ships' Captain with Lovejoy
The origins of proposing a 'toast' at celebrations dates back to the 17th century, and a toastmaster (also known as a master of ceremonies or guardian of etiquette) has been a traditional fixture at Royal and formal social events for centuries.
Toastmaster John with Paul and Linda McCartney at Claridges for a Performing Rights Society Tribute Lunch.
Whatever event you are organising using The London Toastmaster as Toastmaster or Master of Ceremonies will serve to enhance the event and bring that extra dimension to the occasion.
Toastmaster John is a member of The Society of London Toastmasters which is an association of Professional Toastmasters and Masters of Ceremonies who officiate at many functions where correct etiquette is required.

If John is already booked, he is able to engage the services of other Toastmasters from the Membership of the Society of London Toastmasters. A toastmaster for your function in London, the UK or anywhere in the world!
Toastmaster John presides as Stephen Fry
draws the Raffle at the Searle Mercy
Ships Auction Dinner at the Langham Hilton.

John Hollingsworth is distinguished Toastmaster who has officiated at hundreds of functions and special events and would be pleased to assist you with planning your function and booking venues, bands, entertainers etc. For further information on services please ring, Email or Fax

Toastmasters - Master of Ceremonies - The London Toastmaster

John Hollingsworth
148 Park Crescent
Erith , Kent